Our team

Importance of management staff


These 2 great contracts which consecrated our maturity in the rather technical professional food service sector, has allowed us to be surrounded by qualified staff with proven competences in some great projects in Cameroon. That is why, procatering has made available to its clients, a qualified staff and the qualified staff itself surrounded by staff endowed with good knowledge on national and international procedures and standards. Like management staff we could count :

  • A contract supervisor
  • A site’s supervisor
  • A head cook
  • An events’ leader
  • A QHSE leader


The contract supervisor

This is the interface between the client and procatering. It works in narrow collaboration with the administrator on the client’s side. For that he :

  • Attends all the meetings organised by the client
  • Summons the meetings with the client for the resolution of some incomprehensions in connection with the contract
  • Makes monthly reports on the statement of the contract that it submits to the Director of Operations of procatering
  • Receives and analyses the reports of the supervision of the site
  • Organises the monthly inspections on the site to reassure that the working procedures in effect at procatering are respected.
  • Monitors the activities of the events’ leader
  • Makes himself available for all sorts of solicitations in connection with the contract.


The site’s supervisor

He works under the supervision of the contract supervisor. He is responsible on the site of all the operations taking place, in this like he :

  • Organises on a daily base the work of all the team
  • Attends to all the solicitations of the client
  • Rereads and correct (if needed) the menus elaborated by the chief cook before transmission to the client
  • Ensures strict adherence and application of HACCP procedures
  • Settles all conflicts between employees
  • Attends all meetings and training sessions organised by the client
  • Submits weekly reports to the contract supervisor
  • Ensures staff’ discipline
  • Is available for every solicitations in connection with the contract



The events’ leader

He works under the supervision of the site’s supervisor and is in charge of organising all the events offered by our client (lunch time, special meals, meals outside the site with the clients’ partners, meals during external promotions campaigns, great receptions with special invitees). He has as role ;

  • To take informations from clients for upcoming events
  • To attend meetings for the organisation of events with the client
  • To coordinate all the activities connected o the events
  • To ensure adherence to HACCP procedures
  • To lead daily security and work plannification meetings with his team
  • To make reports on his activities that he submits to the site’s supervisor
  • To be regularly in contact with the client in order to have the different details concerning the events he has to organise
  • To attend all the meetings and the training sessions organised by the client
  • To be available for all solicitations connected to the contract


The head cook

He works under the responsibility of the site’s supervisor and has as principal charge the organisation and the good functioning of the cuisine’s activities. He :

  • Elaborates the menus that he submits to the site’s supervisor
  • Ensures the adherence to hygiene and all HACCP procedures in the cuisine
  • Elaborates the ordering of cooking equipments from raw materials used in cooking
  • Leads daily meetings of safety and plannification of work with his team
  • Assists in the deliveriesof goods in order to give his opinion on tthe quantity and the quality of the products delivered
  • Guarantees the discipline of his team, manages conflicts and proposes sanctions
  • Attends meetings and training sessions organised by the client when need arises
  • Submits the reports to his supervisor
  • Is available when neeeds connected to the contract arise



The QHSE leader

It is a key position requested more and more by the clients, concerned by their will of been rendered a service that obeys international procedures as regard the quality, food hygiene, safety at work and finally the impact of our activities on the environment. The QHSE leader is under the responsibility of the contract supervisor and has as role :

  • To ensure adherence to the company’s and the client’s QHSE procedures
  • To organise regular meetings and training sessions with the staff in his domain of activity
  • To establish reports that he submits to the contract’s supervisor where the QHSE statistics are clearly shown
  • To assist and frame all the deliveries of food stuff and to give his opinion on the quality and the conditions in which the goods were delivered
  • To attend meetings ad training sessions organised by the client
  • To plan and conduct QHSE’s inspections on the sites
  • To be available for all solicitation connected to the contract