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Procatering services : de sa génèse à son assention

Electricity Development Coorporation (EDC) Lom Pangar

Procatering signed a contract for the integral management of the canteen of EDC at Lom pangar in September 2014. This important contract principally concerns the building of a hydroelectric dam withan estimated number of client varying between 150 and 200. It includes, producing daily, between 450 and 600 meals per day as breakfast, lunch and dinner. To better manage this contract, we have assigned permanently 22 employees distributed as follow :

  • A contract supervisor based at Douala
  • 02 supervisors on the site
  • 02 head cooks
  • 02 bakers
  • 03 cooks
  • 03 assistant cooks
  • 03 waitresses
  • 03 dish washers
  • 02 handymen
  • 01 driver

Since Lom pangar is situated very far from great towns (Lom pangar is situated in the eastern region at 85km from Belabo and 175km from Bertoua), the staff assigned at this contract is accomodated in the site and work at rotation scheme. Meaning we have a daily and effective presence on the site of 13 employees and of 8 in part time.

Since March 2017 with its decrease of dam building activities and the reduction of the number of employees authorised to feed at the canteen, procatering has equally decreased the number of its personnel on the site.

Guinness Diageo Cameroon

diageo guinness cameroun

Since November 2015, procatering has signed with Guinness Diageo Cameroon a contract for the management of the canteen and events. The canteen is situated at Douala-Ndongbong, it aimed at producing daily at least 450 meals for lunch and 150 plates for breakfast. Moreover, procatering must manage all the solicitations connected to the momentary events be it minor, medium or of greater importance.

For the success of your events we have put at the disposal of Guinness the following :

  • A contract supervisor
  • A site’s supervisor
  • A head cook
  • 04 cooks
  • 04 assistant cooks
  • 04 bakers
  • 04 handymen
  • 04 dish washers
  • 02 drivers
  • 01 events’ leader
  • 02 waitresses for the events
  • 01 QHSE coordinator at Guinness’ demand
  • 02 store keepers

At the end, 28 employees have been assigned to this contract, each having one day of rest per week.

Other contracts

For contracts with polyclinics IDIMED and DEGAULE at Douala, procatering has been assigned with a staff qualified in dietetic cooking in order to answer to the feeding needs of the sick. Procatering up to this day , continue to benefit from the confidence of these 2 clinics.

Procatering up to this day continue to fulfill its contract with HALIBURTON AND WARTSILA CENTRAL AFRICA.

We have a central professional cuisine in order to manage all the contracts based in Douala.