Dietetic cuisine

Do you desire special diets for example gluten-free or lactose free ?

Here you are at the right place !

On demand I happily cook according to your needs and desires



                                Towards an intuitive nourishment

The objective of this more natural and more respectful management of our bodies essentially consist in reconciling us with food, in order that eating becomes back a pleasure. Bear a newlook on our habits by eating in a more healthy and attentive way, recognize to better apprehend your emotional feeding desires or again gaining self esteem are some essential factors to recover your weight balance.

At procatering services, we cook fresh products and products of the season, issued from biological agriculture by favouring local products so as to serve you delicious meal !


                            When to resort to dietetic meal

  • If you desire a long lasting weight loss
  • If you wish to balance your diet
  • If you are pregnant or lactating and you wish to make good choices for your wellbeing and that of your baby
  • If you wish to handle a health issue in connection with nutrition (arterial cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes….)

Cameroon cooking with aromatic herbs, its magnificently colored vegetables, its fruits, olive oil and red wine, as well as fish and meat, offer us a safe altering of pleasure and delight. Everything is prepared with fresh ingredients from the market if available, with bio products and with much love !