Management of life-base

This offer is made up of a group of services destined to the isolated basic life , managed like a hotel with usual customer and complete revenue. We provide an offshore and an onsore service.

Onshore : we offer a large variety of services to improve the quality of living of employees on the site.

Offshore : for more than 15 years in Cameroon, we escort those who work ad live together in xtreme conditions.

This offer covers the following perfomances :

  • Service
  • Food service
  • Shopping and leisure
  • Accomodation’s management

This service encompasses all the tasks connected to the cleaning and the whitening of rooms, host management, reception and the caretaker service as well as the ancillary service like laundry.

Procatering ensures that everything happens in a hospitality, conviviality and warmth reception spirit in strict respect of catering ethic and to optimise the comfort of our workers.

  • Security, reception
  • Laundry
  • Collection of clothes and work gear in individual bags
  • Cleaning and ironing
  • Room recovery